About Us


    CADT was founded in 1987 by Josep Queraltó and a team of experts in computer-assisted textile design and analysis. The company is based in Sant Cugat del Vallès, the technological and industrial centre close to Barcelona.

    Since its inception CADT’s programming department has been tirelessly working to develop and refine the SAPO© Lace Drafting System and other programs for the lace industry.

    At the same time CADT’s drafting department has been drafting for all types of machines and lace stylings, staying current on drafting techniques, the newest knitting machinery and fashion trends to create seasonal sketches.

    The combination of the Programming Department and the Drafting Department makes CADT better in both fields. On the one hand, drafts-people talk to programmers concerning their drafting needs. On the other hand, programmers have drafts-people test new programs and provide critical feedback before anything is released to the market.

    With CADT you will get full assistance and a professional and friendly service.